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Northern Michigan Bachelor Party Destination

Get 'Er Done!

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by Dylan

How to throw an Up North bachelor party

1. Find a friend with a cottage

2. Plan a theme

3. Make a decision on price per person for the weekend at a cottage. Expect $50 - $150 per person with gas depending on the activities you choose and how expensive your choice of food and booze are.

How to Choose a Bachelor Party Theme

The golden rule of picking the right theme for a party is knowing your audience.  It is important to choose a theme people already understand and will embrace. Living Up North means surrounding yourself in rural America, farms, boats, fishing and the outdoors.  Up North bachelor parties have an added benefit of four seasons, which means you get to pick a theme relevant to the weather and sports: boating, hunting and skiing are the first three that come to mind.  

Good Michigan bachelor party themes:

  • Ski Meat
    Winter, skiing, snowboarding, goggles, vintage ski gear
  • Redneck Olympics
    Off-road, NASCAR, no sleeves, jean shorts
  • Yacht Casual
    Sailing, polo shirts, rum, beach
  • Remember the 80's
    Jock jams (all volumes), lawn darts, Nintendo, Karate Kid
  • Caddyshack
    Toilet golf, real golf, best dressed, plaid
  • Mossy Oak
    Hunting, camo, neon orange, guns

What to Bring

Use this handy bachelor party calculator to figure out what you will need for an Up North party.

The most important items you can't live without:

  • Coolers and bags of ice
  • Coffee
  • Ground beef, hot dogs and buns
  • A grill with a full propane tank or plenty of charcoal
  • Cash

Most popular activities

  • Corn hole / Bean bag toss
  • Poker cards
  • Something to throw or launch
  • Canoe / kayak
  • Snow skiing and snowboarding
  • Boating

Finding a Friend with a Cottage

The weekend trip will be much less expensive if you don't need to rent a house or hotel rooms.  Lake frontage in Northern Michigan is ideal and boats are just bonus at that point.  If you don't have any friends with cottages, try Myspace or start looking in Craigslist and VRBO.com for weekend rentals.  Sometimes weekly rentals will be open and they will gladly take a two night rental over an empty house.

4. Everyone Pitches In

Each guy is responsible for his own travel expenses and any individual bar tabs, etc. Everything like groceries, beer and transportation goes into the pot and is divided evenly.  Sometimes, the best man, a family member or the groom will offer to pay for something large as a gift to the group but never count on it.  Bring receipts for all food and booze and tally the totals on Sunday morning. Split everything down the middle. It is often customary to pay for the groom so think about having one less person in the mix.  Expect one person per five attendees to cancel at the last minute. Make a decision on the estimated price per person before any destination, bars or activities are chosen.  Make sure you bring enough cash in order to settle up with everybody before driving back home with a feeling of relief and confusion.


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What Do You Think about Northern Michigan Bachelor Party Destination?

Adventure Rating: A-

You never know how a bachelor party is going to unfold.  Traveling to a bachelor party is like the calm before the storm.  It's almost too quiet and you know it won't stay that way.  Like a storm, you never know if it's going to peak early, cloud up but never thunder or turn into a hurricane for three straight days!  Mixing excited men with alcohol, explosives, engines, water or skis is always a dangerous combination.

Locals Tip

If you rent a boat, get a pontoon boat.  Pontoons are the most underrated floating vessels in history.  You will have a blast and with a top speed of 35 mph you will be able to stay in control.


Adult reading
Swarzenegger, Van Dam, or Stalone movies

Games and Competition
Monkey balls/ladder golf
Corn hole/bags
Darts (lawn or board)
Ping pong

Custom tshirts
Boats for skiing
Novelty gifts or toys
Marker to have girls write on groom's shirt
Can koozies
Water balloons
Sling shot 

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"I don't want anything to do with this week's experience." Meghann "Having friendly competition and a couple permanent markers is always a recipe for a good time." Dylan

Geocache Winner

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