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Up North

Michigan Lake Poster Series

By Dylan

Meghann is running the Etsy Store where you can purchase incredible clutch foldovers, stunning iPad bags, and our new poster series.

Meghann and I have been remodeling our turn of the century home in Petoskey but we have had trouble finding classy Up North decorations.  We have seen typographic posters and t-shirts without any photography and wanted to use the same style to remind us of the great places we have seen in our travels.

It became clear to us that we love this type of text poster to describe these beautiful lakes because it lets you draw on your own memories instead of being limited to the photographer's lens.

To continue on our journey of promoting and celebrating northern Michigan, we wanted to design posters that fans of Up North would want to hang in their homes (northern, southern or metropolitan).  It was important to allow you to personalize each poster to help your family remember the best days of their lives and most special places on Earth. 

We currently have beautiful, contemporary map posters available for the following lakes:

  • Burt Lake located between Indian River and Cheboygan
  • Lake Charlevoix located between Boyne City, Charlevoix and East Jordan
  • Mullett Lake located between Cheboygan, Indian River and Topinabee
  • Walloon Lake located between Boyne City, Bay Harbor and Petoskey
  • Torch Lake near Elk Rapids and Bellaire
Preview the posters below and click the posters to order online from our Etsy Store !  
Each poster is $25 as you see them below or you can customize your poster for an extra $5.  Our posters are designed and printed in Michigan but can be shipped anywhere in the world!

up north michigan poster 


Walloon Lake Map Poster

Lake Charlevoix Wall Map Poster 

Torch Lake Typographic Poster

Burt Lake Map Poster

Mullett Lake Poster

What Do You Think about Up North?

Locals Tip

When you visit a friend or relative's cottage and are looking for something unique as a special "thank you", we think these personalized lake posters could be just what you're looking for!

You can customize each poster with a personal message.  

Examples of personalized lake posters:

  • Meghann and Dylan's Cottage
  • Summer Home
  • The Cabin
  • Windemere
  • Family and Friends
  • Grandma and Grandpa
  • The Anderson Family
  • Welcome to Our Cottage
  • Never Forget
  • 30th Anniversary
  • Established 1952

"Great fonts and type are beautiful on their own" Meghann
"Michigan has over 1 billion trillion lakes and I hope to make a poster for all of them." Dylan