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Northern Michigan

The Bucket List

The Bucket List are the things you want to do before you kick the bucket.  Here are our northern Michigan lists in no particular order:


  1. Own a sail boat, learn to sail and sleep the whole summer on it
  2. Camp/hike for a week on Isle Royale
  3. Take a week long raft and camping trip in the U.P.
  4. Drummond Island
  5. Bois Blonc Island
  6. North Manitou Island
  7. Fly fish the Ausable
  8. Camp at Wilderness state park
  9. Take you to Barothy Lodge!!  (it's in Wallhala so not part of our official Up North map but it's Up North)
  10. Learn to Kite board
  11. Rent a home in Cross Village on the beach for a week with friends


  1. Sky dive
  2. Scuba dive a ship wreck
  3. Hot air balloon
  4. Fly to isle royale
  5. Sail in a Mackinac Island regatta
  6. Go to the top of the Mackinac Bridge
  7. Ski a backcountry powder day
  8. Kayak pictured rocks
  9. Sail the northwest passage
  10. Camp in the snow
  11. Do a biathlon (cross country ski and shoot)
  12. Catch a salmon without a guide
  13. Ice climb
  14. Rock climb
  15. Do a ropes course
  16. Bungee jump
  17. Overnight river canoe trip
  18. Perform live music (and sound okay)
  19. Go to Seth and May's Harvest Fest
  20. Back country camping
  21. Drive a freighter
  22. Sleep on a boat moored in a remote bay

What Do You Think about Northern Michigan?

Locals Tip

Don't wait till your dead to try something new!

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"I don't really want to scuba dive....I'm kind of terrified of being under water like that. I really have no desire. Never say never though :)" Meghann
"There is nothing in the world like diving into a great lake and knowing with 100% certainty that no shark or salt water will bother you." Dylan