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Petoskey News

"Many profess to love the outdoors, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to plan the perfect outdoor adventure. Petoskey-based Pine Lake Design's website, weareupnorth.com, helps the 'weekend warrior' enjoy all that Northern Michigan has to offer."

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Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com

Dylan Valade will be explaining We Are Up North, a website that shows people "how to maximize their limited vacation time and weekends by exploring our hand picked and tested destinations."

"People have had to tighten their belts and save,” Valade said. "But living in Michigan during tough times is perfect, because you still have access to … exotic year-round vacation activity within a half day drive."

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"I LOVE the idea of what you have put together! We are from downstate but have a place in Gaylord and are always looking for 'day trips' from up there to see more of our incredible state.

I don't think that we would take part in the geocache stuff (so far, that hasn't caught on in our family), but will subscribing get us the weekly information on the different cities you're highlighting?

Thanks for getting this info out there for us! I'm very excited for us to dig through and find our next adventure to a new up north city!"



Regarding Wildwood Rush Zip Line:
"It was pretty cool, but it was 16 bucks a pop for a 40 second ride... honestly though, I'd do it again"

"I really liked the website.  Lots of great info. Loved their personal comments. My vote--this is a hit!"

"I am going to forward to my kids and try to tempt them to vacation 'up north'"

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Lindsey Manthei O'Connor
We had a great time kayaking the Bear River
! This is the closest Eric O'Connor has been to surfing in months...

Down with Detroit
TGIF! What are you doing this weekend
? Anyone going Up North this weekend? If you "Like" Up North, you should "like" We Are Up North

Barbara Holland

Love, love, love our Ross Cottage at Boyne Highlands. I'm sure our downstate home is jealous, as we spend almost every weekend we can in Harbor Springs - spring, summer, fall & winter. Can't wait for the long vacation in July!!!

April Hancock
There is nothing like the the clean fresh air and the quiet, relaxing.

The Awesome Mitten
Need something to do this weekend? Want a true "Up North" experience? Check out We Are Up North!!

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@motionlisa Lisa Steele:
@WeAreUpNorth just booked a weekend at the Perry Hotel in Petoskey. Thanks. Love your site!

@ashimaluski Andrew Chmielewski:
@weareupnorth I will let EVERYONE know! Great idea. Keep up the good work.

@MichiganPlaces Michigan Places:
Buzz for Boyne Highlands: - RT This week's geocache $25 gift certificate is on a trail at Boyne Highlands

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Locals Tip

Up North activities are usually passed down from the previous generation but after 10 or 20 years it's time to try something new, right?

If you are the first generation in your family to spend time up north you probably look to friends, websites or visitor bureaus for ideas but what you really want to do is ask the locals!  Don't worry, they won't bite.  When you go to any restaurant, ask the servers and bartenders a few of these questions:

  • First, tell them you are new to town and want to get a real feel for the area!  This is vitally important because it's honest and everyone likes honest people.
  • What is your favorite beach?
  • Where is the best hiking trail?
  • Are you a biker/boater/sailor/skier/hunter?
  • Where are the best local spots to get away from the touristy stuff?

If you ask those questions you won't believe how excited locals get about letting you in and laying out all the great places.  If you have a phone with maps, ask them to point out on the map exactly how to get to the best spots. This is what we do for Petoskey tourists and how we find the goods when we visit other towns.

Hiding a gift certificate in the woods so that someone else could experience a beautiful hike and delicious breakfast seems silly but if you were willing to take our advice, then your meal is on us!

up north michigan poster

"If you fan out your fingers and put them in front of a sunset, every finger from the horizon to sun is 15 minutes of remaining sunset. If the horizon and sun are five fingers apart you have exactly one hour left before dark!" Meghann
"Michigan is the best state in the union and my favorite place on Earth." Dylan